1 . General
- FM Deal (the entrepreneur ) is wholesale and has several sites including this webshop as tradename. 
- Chamber of Commerce : 27194074
- VAT no: NL002042520B57
- Consumer is the recipient
- The Dutch terms & condition are always leading

1.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the applicability of other general conditions are excluded .

2 . Ordering & Conclusion of the Agreement .
2.1 All expressions of the website shall be construed as an invitation to make an offer.
2.2 Orders are placed ( by fax , by e - mail , via websites such as specifying customer number , your most recent street address , correct telephone number ( s ) , the correct part numbers and quantities to order items .
2.3 If acceptance of an order of a particular item for any reason it appears not to be possible , will deliver . Terms of a price and quality comparable article endeavor , in consultation with the customer The order will be accepted. Adapted form after agreement
2.4 The agreement comes at a time when we have accepted the order.

3 . Prices
3.1 The prices on the websites are the current prices . Prices in mailings can vary due to price changes that have been made . After pressing the mailings
3.2 As long as the agreement has not been the business is entitled to change . Prices and other conditions
3.3 All prices are inclusive of the costs of packaging and including VAT, excluding transport costs , shipping and legal contributions unless otherwise stated. Per order, depending on the method of payment, one-off contribution to the websites listed in the shipping fee . Excluding VAT is shown on the collector pages .
3.4 The entrepreneur is also after the conclusion of the agreement authorized by calculating . Changes in the rate of VAT and any other taxes and / or fees

4 . Supply
4.1 The company delivers the only order from the buyer / purchaser, if the total bill is paid to the entrepreneur .
4.2 The operator shall determine the mode of transport and the transporter. If the customer has special transportation needs, the extra costs are accounted for. All orders are delivered at the specified street address of the recipient.
4.3 The the entrepreneur delivers the order expeditiously off. In case of delay in delivery of the whole order or part thereof transmits within four weeks after the acceptance of the order message. Buyer has the right to delay no later than fourteen days after the receipt of the message delay the order, insofar as, at no cost to cancel. The shipment of the product is always the risk of the purchaser . The entrepreneur can not be held liable.
4.4 The entrepreneur reserves the right to change the order in increments to deliver. To partial deliveries or subsequent delivery no extra charge.
4.5 In spite of all the care that we take into consideration when ordering, it may happen that an order is not delivered or incomplete. The customer is obliged within seven days of receipt of the articles written report. Then the supply is supplemented at the expense of the entrepreneur or redone.
4.6 Force Majeure. The orders will be executed depending on the available resources and the processing as soon as possible. If we are our obligations prevented due to circumstances occurring outside our fault , then we have the choice to postpone as long as the conditions persist ( with a maximum of 30 days, the performance of the contract , should the circumstance more than 30 days, then we suggest you continue up to 1 month after purchase date to date and you will then have the right to cancel ) your order free of charge or by written notice to terminate the agreement. customers Following circumstances are regarded as force majeure : strikes, lockouts, riots, revolution, mobilization, war, epidemics, failure of suppliers or other similar or dissimilar circumstances.
4.7 Installation work
Should the client wish the entrepreneur install the purchased equipment extra offer will be made. Client can get these at the request sent by mail.

5 . Payment
5.1 Payment by bank or giro, credit cards , cash on delivery or online banking ( Ideal) , Giropay , Mister Cash , Blue Cart via www.multisafepay.com and www.paypal.com.
5.2 If it is agreed to be paid to an account ( fatal ) payment within 14 days after the invoice date.
5.3 In warranted cases, giving the trader reserves the right not to accept a proposed payment method . In that case the informed and the order will be sent after payment.
5.4 Settlement of claims against the employer or suspension is not permitted unless this is agreed in writing.
5.5 Payment may be made ​​only by bank transfer.
5.6 After crossing a payment, the purchaser of the legal interest and all judicial and extrajudicial collection costs to a minimum of € 100 , - payable . The entrepreneur may suspend performance of its obligations or terminate the agreement by letter .

6. Retention
6.1 Delivered goods remain the property of the contractor until all (payment ) obligations. This applies to all obligations which the law creating a retention permits.
6.2 The entrepreneur is irrevocably authorized without any formal notification of the items owned by the entrepreneur failed to (to) take back.

7 . Returns
7.1 Once the customer has received the product ordered by him / the buyer has the right to cancel . Underlying agreement with the entrepreneur within seven days after receiving the product. This is only possible if the product does not operate according to factory specifications .
7.2 Upon receipt of the return the amount already paid will be within 30 days of the buyer refundable.
7.3 If the goods delivered by entrepreneur items are not returned within the " trial period " in Article 7.1, the goods are deemed accepted.
7.4 From the right of return are excluded :
- Damaged products and products used;
- Products with discounts can not be exchanged;
- Batteries and accumulators;
- PatrolVu streaming products and PatrolVu Shoulder mic are specially made and can not be returned products ( articles ) software :
- Memory cards, loose accessories
- Special orders, including orders for spare parts and customization ;
- Project-based work
- Streaming product and police bodycams

8 . Guarantee

8.1 The operator shall ensure that the products meet the agreement and meet the specifications stated in the offer, and therefore is responsible for the manufacturer of the product delivered to you . The warranty of the entrepreneur matches the factory warranty. This warranty does not apply in cases where the defect is due to carelessness, willful damage, or inattention. Warranty void if other than specified by the manufacturer, service / repair services or other work on the product have committed .
8.2 In case faulty / incomplete / wrong product , the buyer is entitled to delivery of the missing, repair or replacement of the item . This right expires if the buyer is not the case within a reasonable time after discovery reports .
8.3 The entrepreneur does not have a technical department . The entrepreneur will intercede with the vendor or the buyer will pay .
8.4 This warranty does not apply if :
- the article or device in return is insufficiently protected against transport damage ;
- changes to the product or device made ;
- existence of defects caused by incorrect or improper use, including failure to comply with its instructions ;
- the defect is caused by intent or gross negligence;
- there is an external calamity , such as lightning, power outages , natural disasters, etc. ;
- the entrepreneur (in time ) is responsible for investigating the complaint the opportunity and possibly repair the defect .

9 . Personal
9.1 Personal information is stored in the customer system operator to process the orders. In addition, the operator uses the information for internal marketing purposes such as sending catalogs, offers . The entrepreneur employs the use of personal information with the relevant legislation .
9.2 If the business information to third parties to carry out tasks in the context of work described under 9.1 will remain the privacy.

10 . Liability
10.1 The liability of the company with regard to the sale and supply of products is limited to the regular warranty under Article 8.
10.2 The operator is not liable for its ( technical ) advice, misprints in catalogs, suppliers or manufacturers provided technical data and not foreseeable and not reasonably ascertainable poor quality of the products.
10.3 For the rest , any liability of the operator is limited to the amount of the relevant invoice sent. Actually paid

11 . Provision of information
11.1 these terms and conditions or not electronically to the customer offered by the business owner. Later than the conclusion of the agreement The buyer is responsible for to print or save the conditions .
11.2 The purchaser shall, on its website the following information:
its business address and the registration number at the Chamber of Commerce of the main characteristics of the product, including the price of the method and cost of delivery and payment, the email address to which complaints may be filed if it is different from its registered office.
11.3 If the client wishes to terminate the agreement or destruction on the grounds that the company would not meet statutory information obligations , this right must be exercised within 14 days after acceptance of the order.

12 . Litigation
12.1 These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law .
12.2 Disputes may be resolved much in concert. If that proves to be impossible, the Dutch court has jurisdiction and the court in the district where the trader is established jurisdiction , unless the operator chooses the right of your residence or place of business .

Filed with the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague under number 27194074 ( Thorbeckelaan 601, 2564 CE The Hague)